November 2011

The Healthy Couple by the Reservoir

simple pleasures

This morning on an early walk around the reservoir by my house I saw a couple sitting on the bench. They were older, both with white hair and moving more slowly. I was walking by and the sun had just come up and was sparkling on the water. They were wearing very well worn clothes, soft t-shirts and even softer khakis with flip flops. Both the man and the woman were wearing well-worn button up shirts hanging open. The sun was at their back and the woman was reading the newspaper. The gentleman was brushing their golden retriever.

Looking for a Health Buddy

How to choose a healthy friend

A mentor once told me that you can only know the parts of yourself that you share with someone else.  At the time, I remember thinking how wise that sounded but I was deep in my period of inauthenticity and fear and I certainly was not going to tell him the truth about my pain, suffering or lack of health.  I was not going to tell anyone at that time.  I went a very long time not sharing with anyone the choices I was making with regard to my health.  I chainsmoked cigarettes in secret.  I moved between periods of excessive eating, restrictive eating, ex

Body Scan for Awareness


The first step in preparing for change, whether it be a small change like realizing that the clothes you are wearing are not comfortable to a large change like leaving a relationship or a job is awareness that a change is needed.  With awareness we can move away from denial or ignorance and into insight.  With insight, we can start to problem solve.  After we are aware we can start to ask questions like why, how, and when in terms of change.  But awareness is very difficult to allow, which is one of the reasons that change is

Everyone's Healthy is Different

definition of health

We say the word health often and most times we do not define what we mean.  It is assumed that there is an understanding amongst us all of what health is.  Today I met a woman whom on first interaction, by my definition, I would say has some health concerns.  She is morbidly obese, has lost all of the hair all over her body for unknown reasons, has diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, has joint pain, has difficulty standing, breathing and moving, eats mostly fast food or processed food, has birthed 6 children, 4 of which have cognitive and soc