November 2012

On Loss

Once we have experienced loss, serious heart wrenching and soul dividing loss, life is never the same again.  All of us experience our first major loss at different ages but regardless of the age, it often has the same result.  We learn instantly that nothing is guaranteed.  We get wiser in our moments of loss; we gain perspective on life’s fragility and humility because of our own humanness.  We grow deep with loss.  After loss, we must expand in understanding that just because we love something intensely does not mean that the world will continue to provide

Fighting Nice

We all have to disagree occasionally, unfortunately sometimes conflict is inevitable. People have different backgrounds, different perspectives, different belief systems, and different needs. These differences lead to conflict even with the people we are closest too, and that is healthy. It is widely accepted that conflict resolved well increases closeness and trust; unfortunately conflict left unresolved does just the opposite.