October 2013

Choosing our team

When given the opportunity to consult with clients in leadership roles, I emphasize the same method for choosing a professional boardroom is applicable to choosing a personal one. In leadership we want to view each employee as a combination of their skill set and experience. Even more importantly when choosing who to hire, for the most effective results we want to create the best match between individual and job description.

Halloween candy

Over the last few weeks I have overheard from friends, family, and clients the justifications flowing for a Halloween candy binge. Years ago, I looked at Halloween as a "cheat" day from eating healthy. Basically that meant free reign for that day, whatever I wanted to eat for candy was acceptable. It is understandable that we view Halloween treats in this way, it is the same mentality that many of us have for our children, just that one day, all they can eat. The difference is that, children by nature, will stop eating when they are full, many adults do not.

Reaching out

There is a man that stands at the same intersection each day near where I am staying. His sign reads, "I bet you can't hit me with a quarter." Sometimes he grumbles to himself, other times he smiles and waves, this afternoon he had a different tactic.

Lessons from the pool

Consistently maintaining an exercise regimen can be difficult to manage. One of the tricks I have learned throughout my journey of trying to stay healthy and active is to switch up my routine. When I start resisting exercise, I know it is time to add something new or change things up. Presently, the activity that keeps me interested is swimming laps.

I have come to think that swimming laps is a parallel process to living well; we can extricate important lessons from being in the pool.

Pomegranate season

It's that time again! Pomegranate season is my second favorite fruit crop, behind only cherry harvest. Everyone has their favorite fruits and vegetables and the most cost effective time to buy those favorites are during that crops season. One of the worst parts of leaving Southern California is that to find fruits and vegetables, many times now I have to choose those that have been shipped across the country. Not only does that make them longer shelved but it also makes them substantially more expensive.

Kim's engagement ring

As we have all heard by now, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged to be married. I wish them the best in their future together, but the engagement ring makes me furious. Reportedly it cost somewhere between 7 and 8 million dollars. Not wanting to give them more spotlight than they deserve, I would say, enough said, except that I have a lot to say.


As a teen I used to babysit for mothers in my rural community. There was one who was vivacious and outgoing after her first child, a daughter. The mother took her baby on walks and glowed with motherhood. When her second child was born, a son, immediately there was a difference. The baby wasn't significantly different in behavior but the mother's reaction was opposite to her first. She did not want to hold him, she didn't want to leave the house, she withdrew, was tearful and irritable. It lasted a long time.

Our inner personal trainer

Talking to a friend this past week who has recently achieved long held weight loss goals, I asked her what tools she is using. The only change, she said, is a personal trainer whom she meets with two times per week. I was once again reminded that having a coach can motivate even those of us where nothing else works. This story is not unusual and I took to thinking about why this works for many people on a quest to make changes.

Another school shooter

Yesterday morning outside of Reno, Nevada, a 13-year-old brought a gun to school and killed a math teacher, a Veteran, who was trying to stop him from hurting children. What we know at this point, and the information always changes and develops, is that it was a semi-automatic weapon owned by his parents.


Attending an intensive yoga retreat not too long ago, we had a guest lecturer who spoke to our Sangha about abundance. The speaker shared her sentiment that the world will always provide, that we as yogis, should surrender to there always being plenty. As I looked around the room, our group smiled brightly and nodded, with permission to release desire, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. I silently thought to myself, everyone in that room was privileged enough to have made it to a yoga retreat.