December 2013

Mr. Mandela

We have lost the physical presence of an extraordinary person in Nelson Mandela but the spiritual lessons he taught us through his dedication to humanity, equality, and justice will be gifts we can keep forever.

"One Track Heart"

The first time I heard Krishna Das sing is lovingly stamped in my memory, it was a Sunday morning in 2009 and I was in Jersey looking for a yoga class to attend outside my home studio. Taking yoga classes from varying instructors is one of the great joys in my life, each yoga instructor has picked up beautiful pieces throughout his or her training; experiencing various teachers helps us weave the tapestry of how diverse and meaningful yoga can be.

Plantar fasciitis

I recently worked with a woman that had endured several foot surgeries due to chronic foot pain caused by daily wearing of very high heels. Through the sides and between the straps of her beautiful designer stilettos, the stitching scars were visible of all her historical surgeries. I worried about her feet, and in fact, working so closely with her, I started working about the health of my own and others' feet.

Pieces left behind

Traveling home for the holiday, I adjusted the mapquest directions in order to pass by a couple places that I used to live and work. Not returning for four years has seemed like the right choice, and revisiting now seemed therapeutic. The two places that I wanted to visit, one I lived and the other I worked in, hold both painful and comforting memories. Not unlike all places that we live and work, time spent there was complicated; there is a wide ranging continuum of feelings associated.