January 2014


Tears are lovely clues. Tears warrant respect. Tears are welcome. It wasn't always like that though. Raised on a small farm by a father that had desperately wanted boys, tears were not tolerated. Looking back, I didn't cry much at all. If I was sad, I worked harder to achieve. If I was angry, I spent time alone. If I was frightened, I faced the object of my fear as quickly as possible. Crying was never the answer to a problem.


Fraudulent food is tasty sometimes, but it is never worth the expense that preservatives, toxins, and man made chemicals take on our body. Natural ingredients are always better for us, unfortunately for many of us, eating clean comes down to a question of convenience. Eating naturally often means that we have to prepare our own food.


Doesn't it seem like we hear, "I'm sorry" less and less often? Of course there are people who apologize on a regular basis, even for stuff that isn't their responsibility, but most of us just don't make amends enough. In the AA model of recovery, making amends and admitting when we are wrong is cornerstone. Apologizing and taking responsibility increases peace and self-esteem when we are trying to recover from a maladaptive behavior pattern. Why then, don't we partake more often?

Saying the tough stuff

Courage followed me everywhere I went today. I saw a large, mighty, man say to a raging male adolescent, "we all want to be strong, but we all have feelings and we all have to learn to express ourselves." I witnessed a new friend explain that she had to remain constantly cognizant of her addiction history in order to stay sober. I heard a young girl explain that she felt mistreated when an adult crossed her personal boundaries.

Finding hidden Joy

The ever changing fading and brightening of Joy in our lives is a part of living that we can consistently count on. Life events, relationships, tragedy, and success all impact our individual ability and ease in finding joy. It has been a couple months for me that joy has been evading my capture and I have truly missed a warm and happy heart.