March 2014

Someone else's ideas

Sitting with a group of women friends this week, we shared stories about how often we are approached by others asking why we had not married and settled down with a family. Hearing the consistency in how often it occurs, recognizing the judgment implied as similar to what I often hear, and understanding the impact on the other women, brought me comfort. I was reminded that I am not alone in choosing to develop myself first and then find someone to share a life with second.

Our "Gut" talking

My day job centers around safety. Taking a step back and glancing into that always makes me chuckle a little internally. Before I became a professional, safety was never a priority for me; in fact if you ask those that watched me grow up, safe would not be a descriptor they would use. To this end, caution does not come naturally to me, and so I have learned to trust my gut.

500 Hr graduation

Yesterday after a week of meditation and breathing practices, along with an extended silence, I graduated with my 500 Hr Yoga Teacher certification. Although I have completed many certifications and degrees, this was by far the most challenging. It was not the most time consuming or the most intellectually challenging, nor was it the most labor intensive or assignment heavy. The certification was difficult because it was emotionally and mentally rigorous.