April 2014


It is common knowledge that forgiving those that have hurt us will have a positive impact on our spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental bodies. We also know that not forgiving causes problems in all of those important facets. We know not forgiving does little to change the experiences we have already lived through. The question then becomes, why is forgiving those that have transgressed against us such a challenge?


Last year I took a trip home to visit my mom and I suggested we spend a day throwing out all of the clutter that had accumulated over the years in her kitchen and living spaces. This exercise has routinely been a part of my work with my clients, asking those that I work with to organize their personal space. Participating with my mom, in the home I grew up in, surrounded by possessions I recognize and remember, gave me a different perspective. Ridding ourselves of unneeded belongings is sometimes easier said than done.

Sleep hygiene

Hygiene: the science behind the preservation of health.

Sleep hygiene always struck me as such an awkward phrase. Hygiene historically has had a quite specific meaning to many of us, our daily cleansing routines. When I suggest a discussion on sleep hygiene, my clients raise an eyebrow, looking suspicious and confused. That is, until we practice the techniques, and their sleep drastically improves along with their mood, weight management, productivity, and satisfaction.

Spring's transformation

This weekend, my mother and I had our yearly conversation about what spring bulb flowers are showing their little green spiked tops. For the last 18 years that discussion has happened over the phone while I was in different latitudes and longitudes and I had only the ability to dream of spring flowers. Finally this Spring, I am happily bearing witness to the transformation, and I am shockingly impacted by the excitement and energy associated.

Loving Vermont

Falling in love with Vermont after 18 years of living other places, I can't help but share.

In no particular order, the top 16 reasons I love Vermont:

1. Six degrees of separation does not apply. Most often if you are speaking with a stranger in Vermont, they know someone you know. In truth, they may be related to you or someone you know. It makes you feel like you are always at home.