May 2014


Reflecting, I wonder how many times I have restated the phrase, "Relapse is a part of recovery". Possibly 500 times...maybe I have repeated it one thousand times, or ten thousand times? With certainty, I definitely utter it at least one time per day, sometimes several.

Where somebody knows your name

This weekend was a profoundly significant reminder of our deep desire to be recognized. I am reminded of the Cheers jingle, "We all want to go where somebody knows our name, and they're always glad we came."

Garlic & Ginger

Recently a physician advised me to engage in a prescription round of antibiotics, I thanked him for his opinion and promptly let the words fall out of my brain. Unless it is an emergency and I do not have the opportunity to treat an ailment naturally, I do not take antibiotics. Everyone has a personal opinion about antibiotics but I sincerely believe that they are widely overused. Granted, I recognize that antibiotics can save peoples lives, but personally I would prefer to treat my body through medicinal foods, extra sleep, exercise, and herbs.

Fight. Flight. Freeze...but, in a good way

Giving a seminar this past week to an audience I have not yet spoken to, I was introducing the topic of everyone's individualized fear response. Up until recently, our culture classified others as those who had either a fight or flight response. Not too long ago, we started also talking about the freeze response. Put simply, frightened people either become aggressive, escape, or become paralyzed.