September 2014

Willingness is all we need

Supporting others to make lasting changes can be discouraging, and then there are the moments where I have the privilege of witnessing a client change their way of being. Truly there is nothing more rewarding. Having a client come to me, smiling from within, beaming with pride and joy, describing leading a life they love is indescribably satisfying. As a young psychologist, I remember experiencing very little of this. As my career lengthens, I am able to witness more and more these hugely impactful miracles.


Recently, every training I have been to touches on the negative effects of trauma. All of the colleagues I work with discuss the trauma's of their clients. My friends, clients, family and myself included, it seems like everyone is talking about trauma. We even now are starting to talk about Vicarious trauma. I have a psychologist acquaintance that once said to me, "I just don't believe in trauma.