December 2014

Magic nutribullet

It is a never ending quest I am on to find products, materials, gadgets, and strategies that improve health. Most recently I purchased the magic nutribullet to assist in smoothie making and vegetable drinking. The actual device is quite convenient, intelligent and user-friendly, and does the job well, aiding me further in my mission to eat more fruits and veggies.

social media misrepresentation

There was a significant gap between the time my friends and colleagues began to utilize social media and the time that I began. To this day, I would describe myself as quite delayed in regard to being social media savvy. However, even for me, a person that often forgets to check my sites, rarely posts comments or pictures, and who untags just about every picture I am tagged in, is deeply impacted by the misrepresentation that social media affords others.


With the turn of the seasons, dryness has set in. When I visit my mom for the weekend, the wood stove crackles and simultaneously sucks all of the hydration out of the air, and in turn my skin, nails, and hair. Walking out into bitter and snowy wilderness, my cheeks chap from the lack of condensation in the air. Winter is a time when we must increase our intake of water, and for some of us this is imperative given that we don't even drink enough water during the more humid months.


So many have written and asked my thoughts on Ferguson and I have delayed long enough, although to be completely real I do not want to share my opinion at all. What I have to say couldn't be more obvious. The discussion is so deeply complicated a large part of me doesn't think that anyone's individual opinion is productive. Violence is so close to my professional heart I am certain my thoughts on it are so biased and skewed by passion there is no sense in voicing them.


Hating the way I look in photographs has been a longterm part time job for me. Getting dressed and looking in the mirror is doable, having my picture taken less than 3 seconds later produces an image I can't swallow.


Lately, rushes of envy have barraged me. Jealousy is my least favorite emotion...which I have found is not unlike many of my clients. I have worked with clients that have hurt themselves or others very badly driven by feelings of envy. The first time we feel this deeply visceral response is often quite impactful.

Which one of these just doesn't belong?

This morning in our usual early shift briefing meeting at work I looked around my office and saw all men. All different levels of men that I supervise, all different ages but all significantly older than me, all different sizes but most of them very large and muscular. Several of them tower over me by more than a foot and are two of me put together in width and weight. During briefing they fill me in on recent facility developments and I respond back with decisions.