March 2015

Self-promotion vs. preservation

Coming from a narcissistic family, I was raised to tout my personal capabilities, successes and strengths. Somewhere along the journey, I must have done something right because I am blessed with a group of friends who move gracefully through life with humility. Having the opportunity to observe my loved ones allow others to shine, promote the successes of their friends and family before their own, and blend into the darker corners, has proven to be a gift. It is my goal everyday to be humble.

Daydreaming returns

Day 4. Oh how I missed the daydreaming, and this week it returned with depth. When I am healthy I spend my free time daydreaming about a range of different ideas, memories, hopes, and needs. The favorite being a dream about a future where I am a wife, a mom, and a successful business woman able to continuously give back to my community.