May 2015

Admitting mortality

There comes a time when we just have to admit our flaws and imperfections and if it happens for you as it did for me, the moment was unavoidable and filled with pain. November (insert any date you like here, although suffice to say I know exactly what day it was) 2013, I was faced by my loved ones and challenged to acknowledge that I had not yet opened the last key to an honest and authentic life.


When I first entered into the yoga world, there was a distinct sense that others around me believed that we can manifest our desires. This mentality flew directly in the face of the good country, salt-of-the-earth farm raising I experienced growing up. My father instilled in me that hard work is the end all and be all and nothing shows up for any of us that has not been toiled over. In yoga class, however, there was a great many discussions about living with intention, setting a purpose, and manifesting our strongest desires.