December 2015

Home sweet home

After 14 moves, 9 cities and towns, and 12 apartments, I have finally arrived in my home. Although I have dreamed about this arrival since I first left home as a teen, the moments are even sweeter that I could have ever imagined. The flawless way in which the sun rays shooting diagonally through my bedroom window in the morning is perfect each and every morning.

Beginning again

The vast array of happenings in my life since I last constructed a blog in Vienna is breathtaking. Getting married, buying a house, bringing two kittens home, working on the new house, starting a family, working on my MBA and going to work what seems like all of the time has been a lot. I have had the opportunity to speak in many parts of the country, develop a few expertise, represent many causes and learn so much, all of which has been substantially rewarding, but a lot. Too much in fact, for me to even see out of it enough to write.