January 2016

this class

The semester has started for me, another 14 weeks of grinding. The class that I have purposely and intentionally put off, because it is rumored to be the hardest of the degree, has descended upon me. Hours and hours of effort this first weekend still has left me baffled about the idiosyncrasies of transactional analysis in financial accounting.

No more sir and ma'am

Recently the most significant conversation on my mind is and attempt to investigate what gender as a concept is. Like many, I have been riveted by the current platform and discussions going on in pop culture about transgender people and how our country is beginning to embrace them. At the same time, in supporting transgender teens in my everyday life I hear the stories of bias, prejudice, hatred, violence, and suicide of those that have been cast away, especially those that are transgender.

A visitor

This week past, Vermonters had a visitor, and whether a supporter or not, it was clear to the entire state that Donald Trump was out of place. This made the event a big deal for all of us. Following closely the campaign has become an important part of each of my days. As I start to profoundly evaluate which type of country I would like to raise a family in, the upcoming election casts a large shadow over my decisions.