BIO - Dr. Aron B. Steward, Ph.D

Dr. Aron B. Steward, PH.DDr. Aron Steward is a psychologist with expertise in violence prevention, health & wellness, alternative therapies, burnout prevention, and organizational consultation. Growing up on a small farm in the rural mountains of Vermont, Dr. Steward learned the importance of work ethic, community, family, and simplicity. Those early years fostered in her a strong desire to help others; that interest later developed into motivation to obtain a degree in the counseling field.

After graduate school, Dr. Steward created therapeutic programs for severely mentally ill and violent incarcerated women in a maximum security prison on the East Coast. There she learned humility, reality, and gratitude.  She also learned the depth of challenges that we all face in remaining healthy. The healing tools that had been offered to her in graduate school did not provide the answers to help her clients as deeply as their need. In response to this challenge she investigated alternative and holistic approaches to wellness by embarking on studies of meditation, creative arts therapies, yoga, fitness, spirituality, nutrition, mind-body relationship, self-care, organizational dynamics, cultural influences on health, and wellness.

Dr. Steward understands that the concept of health is complicated, that her clients have individualized goals and diverse ways of achieving those wellness goals. She recognizes there are many effective tools we can utilize in our pursuit of happiness and is committed to helping you find what works best for you. You have a choice in who you trust for guidance towards your best self. Dr. Steward takes your choice in ReallyBeU as an honor and guarantees that she will work as hard as you do, and will believe in you no matter what your results are.

As difficult as behavior change is, Dr. Steward is confidant that you can create for yourself the greatest achievement: a life you love. Using your commitment to yourself and her commitment to wellness, she will support you in addressing your areas in need of growth. In Dr. Steward's own words, "I believe that we can improve our world one choice at a time and we must start with our own health. I am grateful for the opportunity to help others work towards greater quality of life and I am humbled by the possibility of sharing with my clients in their significant achievements."