Beginning Somewhere


People have told me that I should start a blog, and they have told me lots of times.  Usually the recommendation comes after I have talked someone's ear off about health and wellness.  I have secretly wondered if people may be encouraging me to write a blog in the hopes that I will have less words to speak if I type them instead. But optimistically I wonder if maybe others have made the suggestion because I have something interesting to say.  We will see, the jury is out.  I will begin the process and hope the response is favorable.   I am committing to creating a blog post at least once per week and see how it goes. 

Actually the commitment goes a little deeper.  I am committing that I will be honest in these posts.  The obstacles I have met along the way because I have not felt comfortable being truthful with myself and others have been ominous.  Honesty is the most effective healing strategy I have discovered.  That is why I named my health consulting business ReallyBeU.  I believe that if an individual is given the opportunity to really live as the person they actually are, that genuineness will inevitably invoke a path of health and wellness. I believe that authenticity and freedom are the structure of health, everything else is just polishing and details. 

I agree with my friends and family that I have a lot to say about health and wellness.  Much of that interest and passion comes from a place of having felt isolated and alone through my journey of bad health and unproductive choices.  If I am being honest, and I am, I remain hesitant to expose my experiences and ideas for public view but I have an increasingly strong desire to share what I have learned, (and am still learning) which far out ways that concern.  Therefore, the answer is I must begin somewhere.  And the beginning is now, right here, on this blog.

I have come a long way and I still have a very long way to go but I no longer want to travel alone.  A mentor once told me that the only part of yourself you can really know is the part you share with another person.  I will truthfully share as much of that journey as I can through the unfolding of this discussion.  I encourage you to share your journey with me or with others so that you can know yourself even more fully.  My intention is to work towards my increased health and wellness for myself and for others and to guide others toward their own increased health and wellness.  I sincerely hope that I can continue to learn more by sharing and opening up to this dialogue.  If you are processing though your own health & wellness journey but also joining me on mine, I am so happy to have your company.