chaff rising

Day 10. Hammering through my days, I usually forget that if I pause long enough to breathe and recover, superb opportunities, ideas, and energy rises to the surface. This past four days has been no different. This 28 day journey of trying to take extra care of myself to bump out of a dried-up, winter funk has proven to be a cornucopia of abundance.

Wonderful things just keep happening including a brilliant idea this morning that will shape the rest of my life and the lives of many others. It is not ready for the moment of reveal yet because I will need to let it role around in my mind for polishing but it came to me this morning after therapy and my favorite breakfast sandwich, all made possible by a day off from work.

The most important element of my last couple weeks is a commonality I have experience every time I have taken some extra care of myself, the victim-stancing eventually evaporates. This is a similarity I have witnessed first hand in all of my clients as well, as soon as they begin to feel less stressed, they feel stronger and take more responsibility and blame others less for their experience. And that...only leads to even less stress.

Victim-stancing is a toughy to describe and fully understand until we are in the process of recovering from it. In my experience, it is a common human slippery slope that we slide down until we are in a giant mess of thinking other people are ruining our lives and other people are the keepers of our destiny and other people fixing themselves is the only path to our own fixing.

Seemingly self-explanatory, when we begin to feel greater personal power, we automatically diminish other peoples power over us, and from that point of view we can make some change. In that frame of mind we can fan the fire of motivation, solution focus our strategy formation, and initiate the process when it is time. Victim-stancing, although a natural response to stress only decreases our ability to pull up out of a nose-dive and to this end a solution must start either at decreasing stress or increasing personal power.

There are struggle spots in my life that have become less ornery, problem people that are less divisive and pesky tasks that have become less daunting. All of this in direct response to a reduction of stress and a taking back of my own personal power. Ah, the relief. I am crawling out from underneath it, looking for the light and shiny parts of the privilege and responsibility of creating my own destiny.