Day 21

This week was very informative as it was nearly impossible to find opportunities to take better care of myself. It is apparent now that I have gone through the last months thinking to myself during the week, "I will take care of XYZ on the weekend, I will do XYZ for myself on the weekend, I will get to XYZ on the weekend." I am wondering if this type of thinking is exactly how I came to be fatigued, run down, and uncomfortable and realized 7 days ago that it was time to make some changes.

This type of thinking, where we put ourselves off until a future date, is such a common practice in our society that for most of us it is an expectation. This week I mentioned to a group of colleagues that I had scheduled a vacation in the middle of March, some were inquisitive others silent but a woman sitting next to me muttered under her breath not so quietly, "must be nice." Where did the expectation originate that we are not allowed to care for ourselves?

This morning I slept in a little, woke up to write Valentines Day text messages to the people closest to me who I cherish and love while drinking hot lemon water and green tea and then perused YouTube learning about ISIS. Although maybe not what others would want, or likely from an outside perspective not good self-care choices, those activities are what I wanted to do most on this Saturday morning. Whenever I talk to colleagues about self-care, I always try to emphasize that self-care is different for everyone of us, our plans must be individualized and unique.

This week has been very informative. Knowing last week that I need to take better care of myself during the week allowed me little opportunity to actually commit and act on this need. Learning that not only must I acknowledge the need but I must be purposeful and thoughtful about execution as there is little extra room or energy to squeeze in for myself during the week, has given me a challenge. Its just not going to happen automatically, I have to do it. So, I will do what I usually do this weekend and next week I will work hard to take better care of myself with purpose and intention. Off to the pool for Saturday lap swim.