Day 24

Now I understand why I don't write blogs during the work week. My mind is mush, my energy level is grossly subpar, and my self-care opportunities are slim to none. Working 12-14 hour days yesterday and today has left me spent. I discovered very few opportunities to provide extra self-care to myself but I did find two small chances.

I have been meaning to buy a new racing bathing suit as presently I need to wear a sports bra under mine because the straps are so stretched out that every time I turn my body swimming freestyle everyone in the pool gets an unintended view. So today, I finally created a moment to order a bright, shiny, flashy, fire engine red racing suit and it is on its way.

The second self-care moment of the day came on the way home. I took the long way home, and I really mean a way that is not actually the way home. I drove for an extra half hour tonight getting home to clear my head and listen to NPR. I turned the heat up, cracked the window to let the minus 2 frigid fresh air in, and blasted the world news. Anything to think about, other than the issues at work.

It is tough to find time to self-care during the week but I am still trying and that is enough for now.