Day 26

Returning to work made it difficult to successfully complete day 26 in my mission to take extra good care of myself. There were only two opportunities that I could find, and each was fleeting. The first came late this afternoon when I realized that I was fatigued before I began a meeting I was required to facilitate. I decided to take the extra couple minutes to make another jar of green tea, it put me a couple minutes behind in starting the meeting (I despise being late) but it was wonderful to sip while we moved through the agenda.

The second moment was while sitting in a meeting after work, both my phones ringing at the same time and me trying to continually pick up a conversation after dropping it, I tuned into my breath. Noticing my pants felt extremely tight, (they have been growing increasingly tighter recently), I yearned to be home in my velour juciys or jellyfish printed leggings or university motto sweats.

I was reminded of one of my most favored and most crucially routine after-work tasks; it is imperative for me to walk in the door at home and make a beeline for my closet. My work clothes immediately come off and my home clothes (yoga pants, sweats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas) immediately go on. I have never understood how people wear jeans, slacks, skirts, or dresses at home. I have a strict rule. Absolutely no dress clothes worn at home. The change must be immediate, I cannot do anything until I have changed my work clothes.

Sitting in that final meeting, meeting number 6 of the day, I craved my home clothes. I tried hard to generate a plan to care for myself, my fatigue, my client, and my desire to be home. In order to bring my attention back to the topic at hand, I stealthy reached down under the table, acted like nothing out of the ordinary was occurring, and unbuttoned my pants. I completed the rest of the meeting with less restriction on my breath. Breathing deeply into my belly, imagining being home sitting on my couch wrapped in my home clothes and kangaroo blanket, I did my best to care for myself.

An extra cup of tea and unbuttoning my pants was all I had time for but I committed to both of them and for a split second each brought me significant comfort and relief.