Daydreaming returns

Day 4. Oh how I missed the daydreaming, and this week it returned with depth. When I am healthy I spend my free time daydreaming about a range of different ideas, memories, hopes, and needs. The favorite being a dream about a future where I am a wife, a mom, and a successful business woman able to continuously give back to my community.

Through the 24 days, I have worked tirelessly at decreasing the stress, ridding myself of the preoccupation, softening the noise, and gaining perspective. In the place of anxious and fleeting thoughts, negative conclusions, and a tired body, emerged the ability to look forward and re-focus.

Others have started to notice. An acquaintance said to me today, your glow is back what have you been doing lately? In my mind I giggled and silently re-iterated, I have been taking better care of myself. It has shown in my work, I am reminded of the many wonderful accomplishments over the last four weeks. My relationships have become stronger, I have had the pleasure of increasing intimacy and trust with those I love. Sleep comes when I lie down, energy arises when I wake up, and I am still.

There are only four days until I vacation with my best friend. Although it is difficult to imagine how a monstrous dose of vitamin D can make me feel any better, I am open to the possibility. Every wonderful experience seems possible. Each nugget of peace seems attainable. Most especially, I am looking forward to a week in the sunshine enjoying my daydreams. Now that they have returned, I can't think of a more productive way to spend time soaking in warmth and love.