Garlic & Ginger

Recently a physician advised me to engage in a prescription round of antibiotics, I thanked him for his opinion and promptly let the words fall out of my brain. Unless it is an emergency and I do not have the opportunity to treat an ailment naturally, I do not take antibiotics. Everyone has a personal opinion about antibiotics but I sincerely believe that they are widely overused. Granted, I recognize that antibiotics can save peoples lives, but personally I would prefer to treat my body through medicinal foods, extra sleep, exercise, and herbs.

Garlic and ginger are two of my most favorite medicinal foods. Both of these food friends are excellent anti-inflammatory agents. Inflammation is tossed around quite a lot these days in the health community as it is believed that our bodies are increasingly overheated and swollen. These symptoms can come from a build up in toxins, an overabundance of chemical fats, clogged channels, poorly functioning organs and many other health related concerns. Reducing inflammation is important in helping our bodies function optimally. Both garlic and ginger are suggested to reduce this overheating and swelling.

Garlic is good for our hearts and the cardiovascular system that supports our heart functions. The research that has been done using garlic proposes that both triglycerides and cholesterol are lowered by daily consuming raw garlic.

Ginger is excellent for our tummies. Aiding in digestion and calming nausea are two of the largest benefits. I have a couple friends that used to chug pepto bismal after a meal that didn't sit well in their bellies. After I suggested eating ginger instead, they reported that the response was as effective if not more so. That resolution brought me a significant amount of gratification as the color of pepto bismal scares me. Ginger can ease seasickness, pregnancy nausea, and sickness related to cancer treatments.

Garlic is a particularly effective antibacterial and antifungal agent. When my clients get a cold I tell them to chew raw cloves of garlic (while drinking Echinacea tea of course). Making a compress of garlic can help with fungal or bacterial skin infections.

Both garlic and ginger have been said to have two other very important qualities, cancer fighting and immune boosting. Although this is a challenge to support empirically and thus far there is little scientific evidence, anecdotally it is easy to find testimonials from people who firmly believe that garlic and ginger helped them prevent serious illness as well as recover from it.

Whenever possible, it is best to treat our physiological conditions with holistic and natural methods before resorting to antibiotics. Garlic and ginger are two of the most powerful and effective tools available to us.