Getting back into it


It has been a rough couple of months on this end, lots of life events that were unplanned and challenging.  I was taking care of my own health & wellness over the last few months and I just didn't feel like sharing, I apologize for my absence.  But, I am back into it.  With a new job, some new windows (after they were smashed out of my car), a couple new additions to the family, a new perspective on some emotionally difficult situations, healing from a couple injuries, eliminating a couple people from my circle, saying no to a few obligations, and returning from a vacation; I am ready to re-focus and start sharing about health & wellness again. 
I think part of my silence has been an attempt to maintain my own health and part of it has been some guilt over having returned to some of my unhealthier behaviors to deal with the stressors.  My exercise regimen has suffered over the last few months, I began to drink coffee again after 2 months without it (you all may remember that was one of my 2012 goals), gained some weight, and I allowed my negative thinking to increase.  I certainly did not feel as though I was at my healthiest. Things I did well during this tough time?  I maintained my sleep regimen, maintained my intake of fruits and vegetables and still continued to give 100% to my clients.  No matter how hard our life gets, we can always be proud of our successes and small victories!
The other part of my silence unfortunately seems really quite silly at this point. I received some feedback back several months ago from a reader who said that my blogs were filled with too many words. She said, you know a good “blogger” is succinct and to the point, conversational. A “real blogger” has a voice that is distinct and interesting. I felt badly that I couldn’t say things in less words, I felt badly that I wasn’t a “real blogger”. So when things got tough in my world and I lost my energy to share, I went immediately back to me not being a “real blogger”. That statement became an accurate representation of me.
But with a great deal of effort and attempts at perspective shifting and some very real life changes, I feel better.  Way, way better. I have decided I will develop into a real blogger along the way. I will become more succinct and my “voice” will become more distinct publically, while you all witness it. Thanks for waiting, if you have.  I resume my commitment to positing a blog once per week with the latest health & wellness news, research and of course, my opinions.  I was thinking about all of you while I was taking a break, and I am so glad to be back in communication!