Introducing Critical Incident Response


I have been thinking a great deal recently about the direction ReallyBeU is heading. I am thinking about how to achieve the full potential of this business while the business thinks about how to achieve the full potential of you, a parallel process. Ironic and cute, right? I am very interested in the long term effects of compiled stress and stressors. I am wondering: if we can reduce the stress in stressful situations, can we make people’s lives happier and easier. We know we are going to experience tough moments. We know that. Life is a series of good moments and bad moments and all those moments in between. So it stands to reason that if we could make the bad moments less bad, we would have more good moments. Or stated in another way, the worse we react to stressors, the more stressors will come…so on the contrary the more effectively we respond to stressors, the more preventative we can be about averting life’s challenges.
So, the question then becomes how can we reduce stress in those challenging moments. I have thought a lot about what we do when we are stressed out. Some of us look to others for support, some of us hide, some of us shut down, some of us use drugs or alcohol to numb the feelings. But what if we had a “challenging moment coach” if you will. What if we had someone who was there to remind us, that EVEN in the really bad moments, we want to do our very best to respond in a healthy and effective way. Basically, what if we had someone to be with us, (who very importantly was NOT having their own personal bad moment) to guide us toward tolerating, accepting, and responding well to tough experiences. Wouldn’t that possibly prevent the after effects (consequences) of negative choice making that often goes along with bad moments?
If I really want ReallyBeU to reduce individual, family, and system stressors, wouldn’t it be smart to be there when the stress is actually occurring? This plan was hatched in my mind because we at ReallyBeU want to be there from the first possible opportunity (when the stressor is occurring) to help clients make effective and healthy choices. If we start early getting a hold of the challenge, we might be able to together reduce the severity of the ripple after effects.
Therefore, we are introducing a new element of ReallyBeU, it is a critical incident response component. Critical incidents are those tough moments in our life when we wish someone would be there to guide and direct us. Critical incidents are not emergencies, they are not when someone is in jeopardy of being harmed. Rather, critical incidents are all the experiences prior and following a medical or mental health emergency, or just very tough life moments. For example, ReallyBeU could respond if you found out you or your loved one has a terminal illness. We can be there to assist you if your business is in the middle of conflict or financial hardship. We could be there if your child is dropping out of school, engaging in unhealthy interpersonal relationships or refusing to listen to you. 
ReallyBeU can respond while the stressor is occurring to increase your ability to react to your challenge effectively. In critical incident moments, ReallyBeU will provide you with strategies and solutions. We will develop an action plan and provide you with alternative resources if needed. We will follow up with you if you wish to assist with any lasting difficulties. We at ReallyBeU Health & Wellness Consulting know how difficult and unpredictable life’s tough moments are. We want to help you get through those moments to the best of your ability so you can get back on track and continue to live a happy and healthy life. Please call +213.479.5672 if you are in need of added support so that you can really be u, even when life gives you an unexpected challenge.