Swimming, souping, chiving

Day 14. A longer than usual swim this morning set me up well for a very focused 7 hours of homework. Twice walking outside today, I caught my breath with icy air. The sun was deceiving, it is freezing and I keep calling my family to say I don't remember any winter as cold here in VT growing up. My mom keeps reminding me that, this winter is unusual, "don't worry honey, the next one won't be like this."

But the sauna really helps. After sitting as close to the burning stones as I can for as long as I can bare it, I walk out of the gym my skin is blazing hot, and is met by below zero freshness. My mind wanders to soup. The last few weeks have entailed a significant amount of different tastes, in deep bowls, all steaming hot. My best friends these days are the insulated, fur-topped, duck boots that I bought at Tractor Supply and soup.

Chives are the most wonderful gift, especially when they make home-made chicken broth taste even more comforting. I had a relaxing thought while I was sitting on the couch tonight, watching ridiculously bad TV after a day of producing and getting results and I thought, "I am doing my best and that is good enough." Hmmm. Interesting, Day 14, feeling much better.