Why Health & Wellness?

I took a little vacation back home to VT and I am back.  There wasn't much opportunity to write blogs on my mom's farm for several reasons, not the least of which was that internet dial up is touchy there.  But, I am back now, with a refreshed sense of the direction I am heading.  I had some big ideas while I was gone and am going to start re-working the website to make it more user friendly and effective.  I also have some ideas about some new services which I will figure out how to implement. 

In the mean time, I hope you will grant me the opportunity to discuss some fundamental building blocks of ReallyBeU.  A woman called me the other day asking for services but she opened with, "I just don't know if you can help me though, I mean, you help people with weight and nutrition.  I don't need help with weight and nutrition.  I need to be happier."  I was taken aback.  I asked her, "where did you get the impression that I help people with only weight and nutrition?"  "Well, your business focuses on health," she said affirmatively.  She is right, I suppose.  When most people think about health, they think about physical health.  When people hear the word health, they think body, weight, illness, allergies, BMI etc.

That's not how I define the word health though, and I wonder if that comes from my own personal history.  There have been many times in my life when I was overweight and happy, underweight and miserable, sick and blissful, illness free and troubled.  I believe health starts with our perspectives, our mindframes, our successes, our personal power and achievements.  Physiological health will follow closely once we decrease our stress and increase our happiness.  I don't want to suggest that the two, mental and physical health, have nothing to do with one another.  Of course they are very closely related, intertwined, inter-dependent.  What I have found, however, in working with my clients is that the most effective places to start adjusting levels of happiness is within the spectrum of balanced perspectives.

When I named the business ReallyBeU Health & Wellness, I truly meant that ReallyBeU is my way of trying to help people feel happier, achieve their potential, and become more successful and effective.  Yes, sometimes that means dealing with specific obstacles like weight, addiction, exercise or negative behavior patterns.  But I believe that to be happier and healthier, we must work toward balancing all the aspects of our lives.  Working away from rigity and excessiveness.  Working away from all-or-nothing thinking, black and white perspectives, rule making, and obligations will help us tune into what we really want to be doing, saying, feeling and experiecing.  By learning about ourselves and our desires and then taking it the even more difficult step forward, adhereing to those desires no matter what society says about them, will make us authentic and honest people, and THAT will make us happier.

There are several different elements of life that I aim to help my clients balance.  It is important to balance the following areas: emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, environmental wellbeing, finnancial wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, occupational wellbeing, leisure, community, and family.  All of these areas need to be attended to.  All of them need to be thought of and nurtured.  However, the fascinating part of all of this, and the very reason that sometimes people need help figuring out the specific equation is that for each person the desired emphasis placed on each category is very different.  For some people, the right balance is a very small amount of energy directed towards finnances and a large portion of energy dedicated toward their passion for the right job.  For some, community activism is the most important piece of their personal pie and to remain balanced they do not need much leisure time.  For every person the balance is different.  Health and happiness comes when we can honestly say what is REALLY important to us, individually.

That is why I called the business a health & wellness consulting business.  It is about my client's wellbeing, which in turn becomes my client's health.  The physical body is actually a small part of what what we do at ReallyBeU.  In reality, a much more important aim is to assist our clients with becoming the best form of themselves. We support our clients in achieving the people, families, and organizations that they always dreamed they could be!