Critical Incident Response - Responding when our clients need us most...

In times of crisis, it can be difficult for us to focus, make rational decisions, and feel like ourselves.  During these times ReallyBeU can assist you in working through difficult life events. 

Unfortunately challenging experiences happen to all of us.  At one point or another we receive tragic news, have interpersonal conflict, job loss, stress, or experience a loved one's death.   ReallyBeU understands how unpredictable and difficult life can be.  We specialize in assisting our clients through these trying moments.  ReallyBeU will utilize your existing resources and strengths to develop a strategy that is individualized to your specific needs.  We will offer you supplemental resources in order to build the most effective and supportive plan. 

ReallyBeU provides encouragement during these moments which can help you, your family, or your organization to accept challenging life events.  We will assist you in recognizing your personal strengths with the hope of reducing future stressful life events, so that you can Really Be U, even in the time of crisis.  Following critical incident response, ReallyBeU is available for periodical consultation to assist in monitoring your progress.

Although ReallyBeU is prepared to respond to a variety of circumstances for the purposes of problem solving and generating solutions, if there is a mental health or medical emergency, ReallyBeU recommends that you immediately call emergency responders to assist with safety concerns.  For critical incident response, please call +646.598.2BEU and request assistance.  For mental health or physical emergency please dial 911 or walk into your nearest emergency room.