MovingOn - Supporting clients through loss...

We all experience loss at some time; unfortunately loss is part of life.  There are many different types of losses: death, divorce, job or property loss, natural disaster. In these moments, it can be very difficult for us to cope and move forward while making healthy choices.  Even though it can be challenging, when handled with effective strategies and solutions, loss can be a positive experience that makes us stronger and closer to our loved ones. It is helpful for most people to have someone to talk to in preparing for or immediately following a loss. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen, other times we need advice or help moving on.  

ReallybeU specializes in being available for individuals, families, and systems that are preparing for or have just experienced loss.  We are available to you when you must pick up the pieces and move forward after an expected or unexpected loss.  ReallyBeU will be there to support you, your family, or your organization in making the healthiest and best choices given the challenges you face after experiencing loss. 

  • Consulting in preparation for loss.
  • Immediate critical incident response and debriefing following sudden loss.
  • Consulting and monitoring following loss.
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