DreamShops - Teaching children to dream and achieve....

Generously funded by corporations, ReallyBeU provides workshops to promising youth at schools with too few resources. When chosen to participate in DreamShops, each child learns how to dream, create goals, and achieve success. The sponsor corporation chooses the neighborhood or specific school and the DreamShop participants' age.  School officials choose between 20-40 students who have demonstrated significant potential but lack resources and opportunities. 

ReallyBeU provides inspirational day long trainings to those children in the hopes that together we can create a new generation of dreamers and achievers. By the completion of the training, participants have identified their dreams, broken them down into achievable goals, designed an action plan, and generated a list of resources to assist them.  DreamShops become, for this group of exceptionally promising children, their first opportunity to truly believe their dreams are possible.  Each dream-shopper is given permission to begin living the life they love and provided effective tools to achieve their personal potential.

DreamShop one-day workshop: Serving between 20-40 youth, ages 6-18, (location determined by corporate sponsor).

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