• Vicarious trauma

    Dr. Steward, Thank you so much for all that you did for me. I was struggling to work and struggling to go on. You listened compassionately, and gave me specific and effective solutions that were created just for me. Although you asked me to work hard, it paid off in the end. I am much better now. I can work and I am more energetic and less depressed. Thank you for everything you did. I.C., 42

  • Resiliency

    Dr. Steward consulted with our organization because our productivity was low. She provided a motivational seminar on burnout prevention and resiliency. By the end of the workshop, I was in awe of her motivational ability. It felt like Dr. Steward was speaking directly to me. Our team talked about her for months to come and wish she could come train us more often. She is the most captivating speaker I have ever seen. She is incredibly knowledgeable about systems, cultures, teams and what makes them perform. We came away from the training ready to work together to create more efficiency and effectiveness. Thank you Dr. Steward for all that you do! We are your biggest fans!
    - Janice D., 39, and team

  • Self-care feels great!

    "ReallyBeU presented lectures on self-care and avoiding burnout including the latest research.  Dr. Steward taught us about how to make changes and she presented ReallyBeU’s model for change.  Dr. Steward helped us to individually define our own desired changes and then she returned 2 times after that to check-in regarding our progress and offer more suggestions.  The employees are working towards self-care and change!  I am grateful that ReallyBeU defined change into a step by step process.  Finally someone helped us change our work environment"  - Sean. N., 49

  • A new son

    “I called ReallyBeU because I had seen lots of doctors and therapists.  My son was really struggling with his behavior both at home and at school.  He had outbursts and tantrums, he hit and kicked me and his sisters.  Dr. Steward talked to me about the amount of sugar and caffeine I was giving to him and the behavioral consequences of those choices.  She also helped me to build in family time that was active instead of sitting and watching TV.  Dr. Steward made me feel like I wasn’t a bad parent.  She offered me solutions and strategies and she was always available during our meetings.  My son is doing much better.  He sleeps through the night, he no longer tantrums and as a family we even lost a little weight!  Thank you ReallyBeU!” - Kristina. L., 32

  • business is better!

    “ReallyBeU helped my business by working with staff on obstacles to productivity.  Dr. Steward gave a seminar on time management, organization and communication as they relate to personal health and wellness practices.  After the seminar series, Dr. Steward then met with several of my employees individually to discuss their specific concerns.  Our numbers are up after being very low, but more importantly, my employees are happier.  ReallyBeU has helped my business and I recommend ReallyBeU to every business owner I know!” -  Sara. K., 61

  • The weight is finally coming off!

    “ReallyBeU was available by e-mail any time I had a question.  Dr. Steward helped me gain insight into the reasons why I was unable to lose weight.  We discussed my stress level, nutrition, sleep patterns, and metabolism.  Together we found ways for me to sneak in a walk around the neighborhood even with my busy schedule.  I have started losing weight and I feel better than I have in years."  - Rita. J, 37

  • Sugar seminar made me calmer!

    "ReallybeU gave a seminar a couple weeks ago on sugar addiction. I had never thought about the impact of  sugar on my anxiousness and difficulty remaining calm.  Dr. Steward challenged us to give up white sugar for two weeks and I was very skeptical.  I tried it and after only 3 days I noticed a huge difference.  I have since signed up for a 6 month health and wellness program with ReallyBeU"  - Greg. R, 51